Born on Friday the 13th

. . . in Illinois USA. Raised there, too. Escaped after college to Massachusetts, where the American Revolution was started by radicals and where filaments of those sensibilities can still be found even now.

I stayed because I finally managed to land a writing job, and then I managed to turn that into a (WFH!) writing career. Somewhere along the way, I realized I could have moved anywhere, but I didn't because I like how Massachusetts has hills and forests and granite and the sea. I like the old saltbox houses (so much, in fact, that my sweetie and I built a new one of our own). And I am proud, proud, proud to live and vote in the first state in these United States to legalize marriage between two women. Long way to go, but it's a start, y'know?

My sweetie and I reside twenty miles out to sea now in a rural corner of Cape Cod, still living in that saltbox nestled into a hollow in the dunes, sheltered from the wind (mostly,) and filled with scrub oak and pitch pine and all of the other living things so eager to flourish as long as you just leave them be.

And oh yes, she married me.

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