Speculative fiction

— focused on women, notably lesbians —

Because women, notably lesbians, are the world's best hope. The world's only true hope.

In my stories, at least the ones that grow large enough to become novels, I try to show why I believe this. Some have said these realistic near-future stories are “riveting,” “incendiary,” “physically and psychologically intense” . . .

They've also been described as dystopian, to which I say: Hey, look around — real life is dystopian, and I'm merely being realistic as I explore what it takes to survive. Especially if you're a woman. Especially if you're a lesbian.

So actually I write survival stories — stories of struggle and resilience, stories of strength, hope, and, of course, love.

All this requires time — for me, that's about four years for each effort. Yet even then my stories never seem finished — only abandoned, as Leonardo is reputed to have lamented.

I need those four years because I tend to do a fair amount of research (the price of “realistic”). I also edit my stories as I write them, partly to reacquaint myself with where I left off, partly because I'm never quite satisfied with the words and rhythms of my emerging tale.

Then, as I edit, I discover new facets to my characters, new dimensions in the circumstances surrounding them, most of which are too rich and interesting to be, well, abandoned.

So now I've written four

Novels, that is.

My newest — Not All a Dream, which is now available — stays, for me, close to home, since the story takes place almost entirely in North Truro, Massachusetts, where I live, and begins right around now. You can read the back cover “blurb” here, and you can read the first chapter of Not All a Dream here.

I've posted the first chapters from my three earlier novels, too, so you can get a sense of each one . . .

All of my novels, including Not All a Dream, are available from my publisher, Bold Strokes Books, as well as from any bookseller.

Also . . .

On this site I offer up some of my other stuff:

  • Willa and her donuts, where I dabble in some quickfic on which I've imposed a few rules so things stay interesting (for the writer, anyway): Keep it short, first sentence must also be the title, write it in present tense without frills (Willa's donut dough doodles are a bonus).

  • mirrors, where I've stashed a couple of essays — one about my experiences with breast cancer, the other about how old words impact the ways we see the world we live in now.



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